Your Confirmation Email is in the Post

I order a lot of things online. Too much, my husband tells me. But it is great research that I can impart to my clients.

Recently my husband ordered some ear muffs for our little guy. He was taking him to the Formula One Grand prix so they were needed in a timely fashion. He was smart and chose Express Post, put through his order and waited.

What he then experienced was silence. No confirmation email. No shipped email. In fact no emails at all. The ear muffs did arrive promptly but the experience still left a bad taste in my mouth and they would not be my first choice next time.

The internet is anonymous enough without ignoring your customers. It’s really not that hard to set up auto responders when orders are placed, and to send shipping notifications when the item has shipped. It’s hard to get new customers, so it’s worthwhile doing everything you can to turn them into repeat customers.

And in case you’re wondering my husband and our little guy had a grand time at the Grand Prix. The little guy even came home telling me he had driven a Ferrari. Now that’s setting the bar high.

Web Design Case Study: Normark Landscapes Melbourne

Normark Landscapes specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of beautiful landscaped gardens in Melbourne.


As a long term valued client I worked with Normark Landscapes to develop the the first version of the their website. It had achieved it’s goals, and was generating targeted leads to the company, however it was time to update the look and feel of the site and add new content to keep it fresh and engaging.


The solution was to develop a site that made photography of their work the hero, supported by detailed information to encourage prospects to contact Normark for a consultation. We also incorporated a blog into the site to allow Normark to communicate with their customers and prospects directly.

It was also important to ensure Normark maintained their current search engine rankings and achieved new rankings for additional keywords.


A stunningly visual website showcasing the work of Normark Landscapes. The site also incorporates a series of Recent Projects which provides additional information on some of their latest work as well as a large amount of supporting content to provide visitors with additional information about the company. Normark have been thrilled with the result and the additional leads it has generated.

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