Web Design Case Study: Williamstown Psychology

Williamstown Psychology is a psychology practice based in Williamstown, Melbourne.


Williamstown Psychology needed a website that would provide potential clients with information about their practice and services in an informative and sensitive way. It needed to provide detailed information on the issues they addressed and help potential clients feel comfortable and confident in contacting them.

The website also needed to attract visitors searching for help on a variety of psychological issues in and around the Williamstown area.


I worked closely with Williamstown Psychology to develop a website strategy that would meet the above brief. We decided to create sections on the services they offer and details of the practice as well as creating a Frequently Asked Questions section to address the more commonly asked questions they receive. In conjunction with Williamstown Psychology we created content on all of the issues they addressed and also ensured it was optimised for the search engines.

I developed a calming colour scheme based on the colours of their corporate identity and use nature photos again for their relaxing feel.


The website has been an enormous success and Williamstown Psychology has had to employ additional staff to meet the increased demand for their services which they directly attribute to the website.

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