Should My Email & Website Address Match?

I’m often asked whether email addresses should match website addresses. Many businesses seem to to have their website address as but their email address is My response: they most definitely should match and here’s why:


Every time a prospect sees your domain name it reminds them of you and your business. So why promote your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you could be promoting your business?


Consistency in your marketing is important so it makes sense to have your domain as both your email and website address.


When you move ISP’s you can’t take your email address with you. So any marketing material with that address will have to be updated and all your contacts notified. Email addresses on your domain name ( are yours and can be moved whenever you switch ISP’s or move web hosts.

If your web developer is not doing this I suggest you get onto them and make the switch. You won’t regret it.

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