Keeping Your Target Audience In Mind

When designing a website one of the most fundamental rules is ensuring that you’re designing with your target audience in mind. If the site doesn’t appeal to them it’s less than useless. The most obvious example of this is the Bunurong Memorial Park. As someone who has recently lost a loved one I can assure you: “NEW GRAVES SITES AVAILABLE PHONE 9788 9488 NOW!” in huge letters ain’t gonna get my business.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Target Audience In Mind”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I totally agree with your comments here. In such a sensitive area, this kind of headline shows a complete lack of understanding of the audience(s).

    As we formerly advised The Cheltenham & Regional Cemeteries Trust on this website I will pass on your comments to them. They have been running the website in house for a while now.

    I think it reinforces the need to have an outside perspective from a good web marketing company like yours who truly thinks about their client’s audience!

    – Brett Gilbertson

  2. Thanks for stopping by Brad.

    I think sometimes a business can be too close to an issue and not realise how it looks outside the company. Hopefully they’ll hear what you are saying.

    As an aside I’ve just subscribed to your blog – it looks interesting.

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