Here We Go

With a little push, ok a damn huge shove (thanks Barry) I’m going live.

To be honest I’m still finding it hard to find my voice and come up with post ideas. My thinking is to focus on web design, usability and marketing as opposed to pure search – there’s enough wonderful search focused bloggers already.

So I’ve decided to ask you what you’d like to read about. Please post any comments or suggestions – heck you’ll be saving my skin.

6 thoughts on “Here We Go”

  1. Shucks, Sophie. I was joking. :(

    No seriously, blogging is about dialogue. You’ll have to filter out a little spam but there are loads of great people ‘out there’ who will want to comment when they realize you’re there. As an ex-Brit living in another ex-colony of the UK, I’m always intrigued about the commonalities I see between Canada and Australia. Both countries have got to go their own way to an extent as we see so many pressures from the super-economies of the USA and Europe. Now we have China and India coming along.

    Sorry oops! I’m off topic. In terms of what you want to talk about, one of my many passions is the lack of interest in Usability. So many websites don’t have that scent that Jared Spool talks about. I constantly quote the title of Krug’s book, “Don’t make me think”. I think that should be prominently displayed on every web designer’s office wall. We can’t leave that only to Jakob Nielsen to talk about. :)

  2. > “Don’t make me think”

    Great book that one. It lives besides my monitor. ;)

    Personally I like the old saying “Monkey hit button, monkey gets banana”. It’s a great thing to keep in mind when designing sites.

  3. I’d like to know more about web design processes. I know how *I* design, but I want to know what other people do. Where they get inspiration, how they plan a layout, how they pick or plan their graphics, and so on. Usability stuff, to, would be good – effective checkout processes, best practices for calls to action, all that sort of thing :)

  4. I echo Dave’s comments – I’ve learnt so much from reading about what other people do, and as a result have sometimes realised that my methods were not as good as they could be. There’s always room to learn, and I’m sure you have a lot to share. I won’t write anymore because I’d be pretty much rewriting Dave’s comment…. :-)

  5. Thanks Tim. I’m sure you have a lot to share also.

    I also want to talk about the prospect and client side of things. The number of enquiries I get where people really have no idea about how to go about getting a site designed or have had a site designed which was unsuccessful is quite staggering. Add to that the lack of knowledge about search, marketing etc makes me think these are topics that could be of interest too. A lot has been talked about with regrds to SEO but not so much design methinks…

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