Business Trumps Sex Online. Perhaps…

A new study by Queensland University of Technology, in conjunction with Pennsylvania State University, has determined that business and e-commerce have trounced sex and pornography searches online. Their research analysed:

up to 30 million search sessions from search engines including Alta Vista,,, Excite and Dogpile.

Alta Vista? Excite? Dogpile?

Now I’m all for online commerce, and I do know it’s on the increase, however one can’t help but wonder if the vast majority of those searches are from automated ranking reports run by by scammy SEO firms for unsuspecting clients. “Hey John, we’ve ranked you #1 on Alta Vista for red widgets melbourne australia!” Right.

4 thoughts on “Business Trumps Sex Online. Perhaps…”

  1. lol too funny re: AltaVista.

    As someone that’s targetted the long tail in p0rn I can tell you the searches trump business by a few country miles. Damn university people – no idea I tells ya. 30 million search queries my ass.

    hope all’s well Soph!!

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