Are Your Contact Details Prominent on Your Website?

When I find a website I like one of the first things I look for are the contact details. I always do this when it’s a site I’m considering buying from, but I also often do it on information sites. If a site is purely informational I can understand they may not have this information but if you are selling products and services online your contact details are a must.

I want to know who I am buying from and if I can’t find any contact details or they are hidden and I have to hunt them out I wonder why. What are you trying to hide?

Make your contact details clear and easy to find. As well as helping convert visitors into customers they’ll help your rankings in local search queries.

3 thoughts on “Are Your Contact Details Prominent on Your Website?”

  1. Howdy everyone

    Just wanted to add that it’s also a great idea to add a link to your details anywhere that a user might get confused, nervous or plain old stone walled.
    I’d much prefer a customer contact an owner and explain their frustrations then have them disappear into the either and tell all their friends about their troubles.

  2. Excellent point Michael!

    A perfect example is on the order pages of your site – make them prominent so that if someone is having trouble they can contact you quickly and have it sorted and complete the order. I’ve done this a lot of times myself when buying online.

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