6 thoughts on “Women of Internet Marketing”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I already said ‘yay’ over on Cre8asite for you on this, but I’ll say it here, too.

    It is funny how folks in the U.S. often feel about Australia…as though you are living on darkest Pluto or something. Different products, different ways of saying things. For myself, I love the diversity, and every time I watch a nature program from Australia, I wish I could see it all for myself.

    There is a tiny creature in Australia called the Honey Possum that lives in a flower at night. In my book, you just can’t beat that for amazing.

    So, the big question that they forgot to ask you in the interview is:
    Sophie, have you ever seen a Honey Possum???

  2. If you ever do get too Australia Miriam please let me know, it would be great to meet up.

    To be honest I’ve never seen a Honey Possum, but that may just because I haven’t looked. From now on I’ll keep my eyes out. My favourite is the Koala which I’ve nly seen a few times but always on the lookout for.

  3. Hi Sophie,

    How often are you up in Sydney?
    Would love to catch up for a few drinks or over a meal with a respected search marketer. Not enough of ’em here :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Lucas!

    I don’t get to Sydney often enough although drinks and lunch could tempt me. If you’re down Melbourne way let me know. It’s always nice to catch up with members of the search marketing industry. :)

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