Trying Out New Feed Readers

If I’m honest I wouldn’t even be blogging if it wasn’t for my good friend Peter taking the time to explain over the phone how to set-up RSS feeds in a Feed Reader – Bloglines. I’ve used Bloglines ever since and have been ever grateful to him as it changed the way I worked and viewed the web.

Some years on Peter started a thread: Moving From Bloglines To Google Reader and I decided this time I’d get with the program and give something else a go. Enter Google Reader and I’m actually impressed. It took a while to get used to and I was tempted to go back to Bloglines but now I’m thinking I may stick with it for a while.

What I like:

  • I could easily import my feeds from Bloglines meaning I didn’t have to start again.
  • The folder system is easier to use than Bloglines so I feel better able to manage all my subscriptions.
  • I like the Ajax interface better than the old antiquated frames of Bloglines.

What I’d like to see:

  • A better way to mark posts read. You can mark a whole feed read but you have to remember to do this. Maybe as I get used to Google Reader this will come more naturally.
  • New posts opening in the same window as the previous post – although I may just not have found this yet.

What I do find interesting is Google Reader makes it much easier for the reader to read in the reader and not visit your blog/website. With Bloglines I always displayed just the summary and clicked onto the site if a post interested me. This has changed the way I think about my own blog and how it is viewed.

Since then the lovely Peter has written an update: List of Popular Feed Readers *sigh*. I really don’t have time to try them all so will rely on feedback and maybe just test a few.

So what Feed Reader are you using? Why?

6 thoughts on “Trying Out New Feed Readers”

  1. I’m using bloglines, but the easy import feature in Google Reader makes the idea of trying it out attractive. You and Peter both have be thinking about it.

  2. Bill, that reply was super fast! It’s so easy to set up you can try it and revert back easily if you don’t like it. The import feature is definitely attractive – I’m not sure I would have bothered if I had to start again. And I imagine I have far less blogs listed than you. ;)

  3. Your reply to my post was pretty fast, too. Startled me. :)

    I guess that you’re not really pulling the feeds out of Bloglines, so a head-to-head comparison is possible. Might be a fun diversion to test out over the weekend.

    I do like being able to see subscription numbers when I’m adding a blog in bloglines. It’s a small detail, but it’s often the small details that make a difference between similar services.

  4. I worked out a few things – which I posted at Peter’s blog as that where we were initially discussing it. It’s definitely worth a try Bill. Subscription numbers would be nice though – I’ve not found that yet. Even when subscribing to a new blog I can’t see this…

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