Ever Heard of Testing?

My husband pointed this one out: http://www.snapsport.com/

Now that has to be the *smallest* font size I have ever seen. Didn’t anyone consider testing how it looked in a browser? Sure it’s *just* a coming soon but one wonders what the final design will be like. Mental note: buy myself a magnifying glass.

Not sure why they have a link to their Site Map “hidden” with a white font either…

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Don’t Make Them Think

You’ve got about 3 seconds to capture your prospect’s attention. That’s it.

In that time they have to work out what your site is about and what’s in it for them. The more complicated your message the more difficult it is for them to work it out – and the easier it is for them to hit the back button.

A few tips:

  • Design each page to have one main objective. Make it big, make it bold.
  • Keep your navigation labels (Services, Contact Us etc) simple and self explanatory. This is probably a little outdated these days (well I hope so) but don’t use obscure  images in place of text. We call that mystery meat navigation.
  • Make it easy for your prospects by making sure clickable links look like clickable links. Online, an underlined word signifies a link. If it’s not a link don’t underline it.

There’s enough competition out there without putting your prospects off before they’ve had a chance to become your customer.

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