Successful Keyword Research and Selection

I come across a lot of people who are under the assumption that a website must be optimised for their one main keyword phrase only. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your website should contain hundreds of keyword phrases all targeting variations of the sorts of words people would use to find the products and services you are offering. As a rough guide focus on one or two phrases per page.

You can also use this approach to target both competitive and not so competitive terms. For example the keyword phrase “blue widgets” may be extremely competitive whereas “buy genuine blue widgets” is far easier to rank well for. By combining both on a page you can effectively target both competitive and non-competitive keyword phrases. You may rank quite quickly for the non competitive phrase, whilst ranking well for the more competitive phrase might take more time and effort.

So now you know how to approach distributing your keyword phrases but how do you know what the right phrases are? This is where keyword research come in.

Start with reviewing your marketing materials and talking to staff to get an initial list of phrases used to describe your products and services. You should also look at what industry jargon is used and what words your clients and customers use to describe your offerings. Use these words to form a seed list.

You now need to research those phrases. There are a number of keyword research tools out there that can help you do this. This research can help you determine how popular and competitive a keyword phrase is and help you choose the best ones for your website. Here are some great keyword research tools you may want to try:

  • Word Tracker – offers a free trial as well as paid subscription options.
  • Keyword Discovery – also offers a free trial and monthly subscriptions.
  • Google also have a great free keyword tool to help you find relevant phrases for your website.

These tools will help you come up with a comprehensive list of appropriate keyword phrases for your website.

Finally nothing beats testing. Analyse your website’s visitors and work out which keywords are performing for you. Ongoing tweaking and adjustments will help ensure you are targeting the right keyword phrases and getting targeted traffic to your website.

2 thoughts on “Successful Keyword Research and Selection”

  1. You should also check out Overture’s Keyword tool in addition to WT, KD, and the Big G.

    However, what do you make of the huge variation in the numbers between the three? For targeted keywords, I can end up with Overture suggesting 22 searches, KD 1222, and WT 122.

    Overture is obviously just Yahoo, so I guess this accounts in part for this, but it makes research difficult, don’t you think?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Overture’s Keyword tool is another good suggestion.

    I think you have to go in knowing the figures are an indicator only. Use it to get an idea of all the phrases available and the potential popularity and competitiveness.

    One thing I like to do, if possible, is take the keywords and run a small AdWords campaign – that will give you a really good idea of what is searched for and clicked on. :)

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