Exceeding Your Customers Expectations

I bought two products online last Friday: a tube of shaving cream for my hubby from Hong Kong and a tube of moisturiser for me from Hoppers Crossing (a 15 minute drive from where I live).

Both offered free shipping which, whilst not a deciding factor, was certainly a nice bonus. So which one do you think turned up first thing Monday morning? Nope, it was the shaving cream from Hong Kong. Usually I wouldn’t have expected it until tomorrow. Seriously.

Now I’m not critising the Hoppers Crossing place – I purchase from there regularly and always receive my goods in a timely fashion, but less than one business day from Hong Kong, that’s sensational. It’s the type of online shopping experience I want to tell all my friends about. Thanks StrawberryNET!

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Blogging is Hard Work

Finally having a blog of my own has made me appreciate even more all the bloggers I have read and enjoyed over the years.

Whilst my blog is relatively new I was introduced to blogging early – having designed Peter Da Vanzo’s SearchEngineBlog.com website. Peter was blogging way back before most and I always looked forward to his daily thoughts and comments. Now I can truly appreciate the effort he put into it. So thank you Peter and all those other bloggers who take the time to write truly great, insightful posts. It’s appreciated.

I’m still settling into my own blogging style and still struggle with what to write at times. If anyone has any suggestions or topics they’d love to hear more about please let me know.

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Your Best Chance of Getting Listed in Dmoz

I’ve been an editor at Dmoz for years. Over that time I’ve heard more than my fair share of complaints about how hard it is to get a website listed. The single best tip I can give you is this:

Make sure you submit to the right category and comply with the Title and Description requirements! 99.9% of sites I review need to be moved to the right category and have their Title and Descriptions re-written to comply with the rules. If there’s lots of sites to edit you can imagine how time consuming this will be.

Don’t make it hard for the editors. You’ll find your site gets approved far quicker if the only thing an editor needs to do is hit the “approve” button.

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What Can a Website Do For Me?

Invariably when I tell someone I’m a website designer I’m asked what a website could do for their business. Of course my answer varies depending on the type of business they have but in most cases I say a lot!

Whether you’re a small, local business or a huge multi-national, a website can be used to provide information, sell products, gather leads, sign up subscribers or promote your services.

Just as there’s many types of businesses there’s many types of website – from a small, few page site, to a huge, e-commerce shopping website. It can be geared towards an international market or a local market – or both! Whatever your goals and demographic, a website can help you further your business.

Here are some examples:

A Website For a Local Business

Whether you’re the local dentist or landscape gardener, a website is a way to provide information about you and your business to your prospective customers. It can be used to support other forms of advertising, such as the Yellow Pages or local newspaper, where you generally don’t have a lot of space to sell your message. Simply include your website address and your prospects can go online and read the rest of your message.

You can also use your site for local promotions, networking with other businesses or offer additional information not available elsewhere.

A Website for a Country Specific Audience

Expand your audience by selling to a wider range of people. Your site could also be a cost effective way of providing support – such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and accept payments online.

Depending on your offering you could also hook up with people offering a similar product/service in other states and service a larger area.

A Website for an International Audience

The big one – an international audience. With an international audience you are able to target a much wider market, perhaps even a market you never considered before.

Whatever your business a website enables you to be open 24×7, 364 days a year. It helps you connect with your prospects and customers and promote your business in a timely manner. All in all a website is a fantastic marketing and selling tool for anyone serious about their business.

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Ever Heard of Testing?

My husband pointed this one out: http://www.snapsport.com/

Now that has to be the *smallest* font size I have ever seen. Didn’t anyone consider testing how it looked in a browser? Sure it’s *just* a coming soon but one wonders what the final design will be like. Mental note: buy myself a magnifying glass.

Not sure why they have a link to their Site Map “hidden” with a white font either…

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