Do You Google Yourself?

I had the pleasure of meeting a new client today. He told me a little about his history (he’s been on TV) and I mentioned I had read some of it after Googling him. He hadn’t heard of being Googled before. Which I also hear from many clients, friends and family.

So question: do you Google yourself?

9 thoughts on “Do You Google Yourself?”

  1. I Google my various screen names I’ve had over the past years to see what forums I’ve participated in are being cached. My last name is pretty common, so it doesn’t really pay to Google my real name.

  2. That’s where I’m lucky as my surname is unique. My maiden name was Best, which I loved but I took my hubby’s when we married. I think I’ve surprised him and the whole family by taking over the name online. ;)

  3. Used to do it a lot, but for quite a while now there’s just been no competition: I’ve got 19 out of the top 20 spots for “joe dolson” (with or without quotes).

    Now my goal is to get the top spots for just my surname: I’ve got #2 and 3 right now…

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