Chosing Clients Carefully

Miriam from SEOIgloo has written a great post – Being straight with potential web design clients. It’s definitely worth a read.

It also got me thinking about service provider/client relationships. I’m a big believer in only working with clients who I think are a good fit. And no, a decent budget doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good fit. ;) I see business relationships in a similar way as other relationships – of mutual benefit. It’s a two way street and if the connection isn’t there I’d prefer to pass on the job.

A lot of this comes down to instinct and over the years I’ve learnt to trust mine. In 99% of the jobs I’ve been unsure of, but taken anyway, I’ve regretted it. And for all those I turn down a better opportunity knocks.

My goal is to present my clients with the best possible web solution and implement it. This is not possible if the relationship is shaky to start with. So a few tips:

If you’re a web designer – pick your clients carefully. If your instinct says a client isn’t for you then listen to it. Don’t be afraid to turn down work. In my experience something better aways comes along. And more often than not the ones your instinct says to walk away from will be the most difficult, time consuming jobs you’ll ever have.

If you’re looking for a web designer – don’t just go with the cheapest designer. Go with the one you can relate to. The one who makes sense and seems to be on your wavelength. And understand that developing a website requires work – some of which you’ll need to do.

At the end of the day you’re a team working on the mutual goal of a successful website. The better you work together the more successful the outcome will be.

6 thoughts on “Chosing Clients Carefully”

  1. Sophie – you are right on about this.

    I think experience makes you realize that when you get that, “hmm, I don’t know about this” feeling, it may not be a good contract to take on. I can completely relate to what you’ve said about these situations nearly always turning out to be the ones that end up being vastly more time-consuming than projects I felt really good about to begin with.

    I wonder why that is!

    Your advice here is very sound, on all points.

  2. I have you to thank for the post Miriam – your post inspired me. :)

    I think we’re a lot alike – we love helping clients build a successful website. Unfortunately we can’t help everyone.

  3. Typing from my sick bed here… Sophie… I’ve been hit hard with the flu virus doing the rounds…. I am sooo pleased you’ve posted this (and I’ll take a look at Miriam’s post too in a moment)…. I’d never thought about it before… choosing the web designer you most relate to is the best bit of web advice I’ve heard for a long time!

    Back to my honey, lemon and whiskey I go…. :(


  4. Sorry to hear you’re sick Daz, I’ve had the flu once in my life and that was enough. Keep on the whiskey I say. ;)

    I’m glad you liked the post. Whenever I talk to prospective clients I always suggest they look at who they can most relate to and they’re the most comfortable with rather than just the price. Too many people seem to still be looking for the cheapest rather than the one that can best meet their needs.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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