Blogging is Hard Work

Finally having a blog of my own has made me appreciate even more all the bloggers I have read and enjoyed over the years.

Whilst my blog is relatively new I was introduced to blogging early – having designed Peter Da Vanzo’s website. Peter was blogging way back before most and I always looked forward to his daily thoughts and comments. Now I can truly appreciate the effort he put into it. So thank you Peter and all those other bloggers who take the time to write truly great, insightful posts. It’s appreciated.

I’m still settling into my own blogging style and still struggle with what to write at times. If anyone has any suggestions or topics they’d love to hear more about please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard Work”

  1. Heh Sophie

    Yup I get the same writers block here… it can become too easy to reference the news that EVERYONE else is posting… unless I can come with a truly unique reflection on whats happening on blogs elsewhere I try not to reference too much.

    Possibly could you blog on:

    Web design tools

    CSS (P) Layout

    PHP / ASP / Ajax / XML (maybe for beginners)

    Accessibility issues

    Typical day in your business

    Pricing issues

    Overcoming client objections

    Is Flash worth using?

    Simple marketing concepts

    Advanced marketing concepts

    Running a web business

    Web design horror stories you’ve had to sort out

    What inspires you to build websites

    How you stay up with web styles and fashions

    Feedback on previous sites you have built and what you could do now to improve them (not sure if that would apply to current or old customers)

    Being not much of a web “designer” myself – I can do it but its not what I prefer – some insights into how you can be so creative would be of interest…

    Food for thought anyway…..


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