Audio Commentary on Websites – Urghhh!

I’ve been researching a particular market for a client and every single website I land on has audio – not just the crappy music we all know and love but someone speaking. Good grief how can one read the text and follow the audio at the same time? It so annoying and of course there’s no way to switch it off bar muting my speakers.

I suspect some enterprising soul has gone and pitched to all the businesses in the area. Telling them how great, and cutting edge having an audio commentary is. Not. If I was an actual buyer I’d be off those sites so darn fast my mouse would leave rubber marks.

I wish more people would put themselves in the shoes of their users and consider whether a “feature” really is a “feature”. 9 times out of 10 I’d bet my house it does nothing but drive people to their competitor’s websites. Which, when you think about it, is really good for my client. ;)

3 thoughts on “Audio Commentary on Websites – Urghhh!”

  1. And just imagine trying to navigate those sites with a screen reader! Coping with two simultaneous audio streams can’t be too helpful…

    Just makes me keep thinking of my own mantra…if it moves or makes noise, it shouldn’t do it automatically! It’s OK to have sound available – but does anybody really want to hear it first thing?

  2. If I wanted to listen I turn on the radio (even Internet Radio), if I wanted to watch I’ll sit in front of the TV (and occasionally You Tube online), I’m not one for wanting sounds, animation and other “flashy” stuff on websites and refuse to provide it for my clients (its a matter of education!)


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