Are You Dotting Your i’s and Crossing Your t’s?

I’ve been online a long time. At least *cough* 12 years. Back in the early days “netiquitte” was taken really seriously.

The basic rules include:

  • You don’t quote slabs of text,
  • And my favourite, you check, and correct your spelling and grammar.

I always took the approach that online you are judged by your written word, in the same way that offline you’re judged by your appearance. Would you wear crumpled, dirty clothes and unpolished shoes when meeting with a potential client? I suspect not. So why write an email with no capitalisation, no punctuation and definitely no spell checking?

Now I don’t mean to be uptight, and I do appreciate that online communication is far less formal that the old written letter (thank heaven’s), but in my opinion if you can’t add an apostrophe to a word, or end a sentence with a full stop, I’ll suspect you don’t polish your shoes either. ;)

Keep in mind a few minutes making sure your written words are “polished” could be the difference between a sale or no sale.

8 thoughts on “Are You Dotting Your i’s and Crossing Your t’s?”

  1. Absolutely agree Sophie. I have explained this concept to clients that the added effort of spellchecking their pages and even offline advertising can and does make the difference.

    I was at a recent brekfast meeting and 2 young ladies who had set up a new business were handing out self printed leaflets advertising what they did. Their leaflet had 12 spelling mistakes – at first I was interested but when I saw their spelling I got the feeling if they could not be bothered with spelling and punctuation how were they going to treat their customers?


  2. Don’t you hate that. :( I admit I did spell check that post 3 times just in case…

    Still your points are really valid. It’s one thing to have a spelling mistake in a blog post but, in your marketing material???

  3. Your basic rules are correct.

    However for one thing I like to shout ;-)


    I am a SysAdmin of a number of mailservers, the
    traffic that is generated through the stupidity
    of user appending to the appended is
    electron boggling.

  4. I showed a new client your blog yesterday and he thought it was hilarious that in my comment about spellchecking there was a spelling error. Oh the shame! :(

    But it does show people instantly pick up bad spelling.


  5. Sophie

    Kind of, as I mentioned “spot the stupid spelling mistake” he’d already got there… oh yes he did see the funny side to that but also agreed that your blogs post on spelling was spot on.

    It has not helped me having a manic week and having to rush around like a looney… less haste would help… :)


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